Holiday Presents and Accounted For

December 20, 2022

The weather is cooler. The music is festive. The air is alive with the smells of pine, nutmeg, and commerce. The holidays are here, which means family, friendship, and presents.

But let’s talk about those gifts.

Most valuables are covered under your homeowners or rental policies, which is great. But some of those, especially high-value items, have limits to the amount a policy will cover.

If you are giving new jewelry to someone you love, have received a fantastic new gaming computer, or maybe even got yourself an addition to your art or coin collection, it’s a great idea to check to make sure your policy covers the items sufficiently. Even less expensive gifts are a great excuse to go over your belongings and check your coverage.

And if you’re giving someone a car, well, we obviously need to talk.

Happy Gifting!