Don’t Let Black Friday Become Blue Monday

November 25, 2023

The turkey leftovers are in the fridge, the cranberry sauce that no one ate is jiggling in a container, and some of your family members are still stuffed from the day before.

But you? You’re either waiting in the cold and dark in front of a store or staring at your shopping app with your finger poised and ready.

Black Friday is a time of wheeling and dealing, excitement and mayhem. It’s also a time when mistakes are made.

To avoid turning your Black Friday into a Blue “Why Did I Do That?” Monday, try these tips:

  • Checking It Twice - Make a list and stick to it. Today’s impulse purchases are tomorrow’s regrets.
  • Map it Out - Plan for your profitable pillaging. What stores or apps to visit, your travel route, and strategies to avoid crowds or get items that will sell out early.
  • Protect Your Bounty - Get any high-value items on a steal of a deal? Let us know so we can add them to your policy and ensure they’re protected.

However you handle the hullabaloo, we hope you enjoy the pulse-raising prices of this most American of days.

Happy Shopping!