Cyber Security Tips

May 08, 2024

We’ve all experienced it. An email arrives from a company you seem to know and trust but has an attached file from an unknown email address. Your gut tells you something may be wrong— and it's right.

Phishing emails like this are just one of many ways cybercriminals attempt to gain access to vital personal and financial information.

Fortunately, you can lower the risk of cyber theft with these quick tips. Keep them handy for the next time you receive an unknown email: 

  • Don’t Click It - Weird email, strange website, or odd text message? Never click an attachment or link unless you are absolutely sure where it came from.
  • Beef Up Your Password - Simple passwords are like an unlocked door to cyber criminals. Make yours more complex than just your pet’s name. HINT: A sentence can be a password!
  • Cyber Insurance - Some insurance companies have added cyber coverage as an add-on to their homeowners policies. Ask to see if this is an option for you.

A few simple practices can limit the chances of a cyber attack. And finally, stay smart and consider adding coverage (no matter how little you may think you need it.)