Cost Cutting Confidential

October 14, 2022

Like most Americans, you're probably feeling the impact of inflation across your finances — including insurance costs.

As the price of materials and supplies increases, each claim can become more expensive than the last.

Try these tips for easing your financial burden at your next renewal:

  • Lumping Together - Bundling all your policies together can often secure some deep discounts.
  • Out With the Old - If your vehicle is over ten years old, it may cost more to fix than it's worth. Check with your agent if you need full coverage or not.
  • Bells & Whistles - If your home has an alarm, sprinklers, or other safety features, you may get discounts for your homeowners.

With these and other tips your agent can provide, you'll see your budget's "Insurance" costs decrease (along with your blood pressure).

Happy saving!