Claims After a Disaster

November 12, 2022

As hurricane Ian reminded us, natural disasters are a part of living on Mother Earth.

Insurance was designed to help during events just like these. But what should you do if you have a claim during one of these disasters?

Knowing how to navigate a claim can help you get the best outcome, as well as keep stress levels a little lower.

Check off these boxes when dealing with a disaster claim:

  • Expect Delays - Insurance companies may be overwhelmed with claims, so be prepared for longer than normal delays.
  • Be Prepared - Have photographs, lists, and descriptions of any missing or damaged items or properties.
  • Keep Receipts - If you have to evacuate, relocate, or repair, keep track of your expenses for possible reimbursement.

Knowing how to work with your adjuster can help them work with you. Everyone wants to get you back to your happy life where you belong.